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An Avatar of Ellie Hi, I'm Ellie! Welcome to my little garden on the internet. Most places around here, I go by @tldrEllie.

I’m an Embedded Software / Electrical Engineer living in Kentucky. I’m currently writing firmware for the robots in your house, but previously I’ve got experience designing electronics and writing firmware for experiments on the International Space Station and beyond, plus a long history of tinkering with anything take-apart-able.

I’m most interested in projects where hardware meets software, and working across boundaries and layers of abstraction. I enjoy making tools, building infrastructure, and gluing things together in interesting new ways.

I’ve written about some of the things I’ve worked on in my portfolio.

I enjoy gardening, making music with bleeps and bloops, weird non-consumer hardware, and fiber arts.

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I’m currently looking at future career opportunities! Take a look at my resume, and get in touch if you’re working on something interesting.

I’m most interested in roles working as part of a cross-disciplinary team to build hardware and software that improves the world by helping us learn something new, by making human lives a little easier, or in contributing to our long-term future on the planet.

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